1. Stir Fried Mud Crab With Yellow Curry Powder

Sea crabs with firm claws are from natural water sources so they have a sweet taste. We select these ingredients from Mae Klong River and deliver to our restaurant daily. Sea crabs stir-fried with curry powder leave an intense taste and delicious smell, with original Thai flavor derived from locals living by the river. For those who do not like to crack open crabs, we offer flavorful cracked crab legs stir-fried with curry powder

2. Deep Fried White Sea Bass Glazed With Caramelized Fish Sauce

Extra-sized snappers are notable as they are naturally raised in floating fish cages in natural water. Therefore, our snappers do not have a muddy smell when their fully grown. Plus, they certainly do not contain formalin 100%. We can assure you that our dishes are very fresh and tasty. These fresh fish are fried at the proper temperature and topped with our secret fish sauce. This dish is served with our appetizing spicy mango salad

3. Charcoal Grilled Shrimp with Secret Kodang Talay Signature Sauce

Ko Dang Talay’s prawns are fresh and firm extra-sized Kuruma prawn , grilled by our special technique until thoroughly cooked. Savor the smell of grilled prawn along with a light charcoal. This menu is topped with our tasty spicy and mellow sauce infiltrating the sweet prawns. This menu will make you drool and become a favorite dish for many people

4. Stir Fried Squid With Salted Egg

This unique stir-fried style is an original recipe from Mae Klong River. Extra-sized sweet squid is stir-fried with salted egg yolk until dried. Then, salted egg yolk is cooked by stir-frying to enhance its taste to go along with the squid meat. Then, the squid meat with salted egg yolk is stir fried again and served for a fresh cooked dish

5. Stir Fried Scallop With Black Peppercorn Sauce

Good selection of extra-sized scallops with sweet and firm meat are cooked with black pepper and flavored with a spicy taste that will scintillate your sense of smell

6. Tom Yum Shrimp Soup (With Milk)

Hot spicy and creamy soup with river shrimp is a worldwide popular dish of Thailand mixed with an intense and mellow flavor and an aroma of hot and spicy ingredients making it more delicious. The perfect combination of fresh ingredients, big and firm natural river shrimp, and prawn oil melting in hot soup is a wonderful dish that will make you lose track of time

7. Charcoal Grilled River Prawn

River shrimps with fresh, firm and sweet meat are grilled with perfectly heated charcoal for a thorough cook. The highlight is the prawn oil at the shrimp’s head, which has creamy and smooth taste combined with a light smell of charcoal. Served with our flavorsome and spicy seafood sauce, it is a must-try dish

8. Cabbage Stir Fried With Fish Sauce

This is an ordinary dish but special. We select the young leaves from a cabbage and then stir fry them with our secret well-seasoned fish sauce. We serve the cabbage stir-fried with fish sauce when the fragrance and crispy texture is just right